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TrafficAdBlast is the first Online Advertising Platform and Revenue Sharing Website based in Ripple(XRP),
and a smart way to get FREE coins everyday!

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About Us

We are an Online Advertising Platform that increase your Web Traffic,promoting your Business and Online Opportunities
helping all Online Marketeer achieve success and increase your Lead List,Referrals and Commissions!
With many ways to earn FREE Ripple (XRP) and many ways to Advertise without Geo Target extra FEEs,awesome!
Our Banners Packs are listed in time and clicks in order to help you increase your Online Commissions

Our Story

After many years watching the Online Opportunities, we took the control and we made all things new,with Honesty and Transparency we decided create our own with a Entrepreneur Spirit and many experience in Online Opportunities we are ready to make a good job and staying ready to grow as a Team!

Here,all staff members are Online Entrepreneurs and all members are Partners,you have all freedom to expose your ideas and give your suggestion to work with partnership. Create your FREE Account start collect your XRPs and welcome to the TEAM.

Our Philosophy

We work harder,
and innovations was made to your Business never stop!

Cleiton Maronni
Cleiton Maronni Head of Staff Team

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Our Team

We have an experienced TEAM in online Business and Altcoins Trading,be in touch.

Cleiton Maronni

Cleiton Maronni


Digital Entrepreneur,Altcoins Trader,Father of 3,Married visionary and idealist.

Dyan Kassio

Dyan Kassio


Digital Entrepreneur,Altcoins Trader,Married experienced in Online Opportunities and visionary.




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We can truly achieve great things,
when we all come together!! Richard Branson, Entrepreneur

Our Services

Our services are ready and there are many ways to start collect your XRPs,
register your FREE account and start promote your Referral Link.

Revenue Sharing

Our Revenue Sharing system is strong and scalable,it's a smarter way to increase your XRP coins and get quality Web Traffic daily!.

Offer Walls

We are working with many Networks to keep the freedom to select good ways to earn XRPs even without referrals.

CPA/GPT Networks

The most advanced CPA/GPT system: Instant crediting and approval, get a reward to start your Online Job.

Anti-Cheat System

It's live all the time.Our Anti-Cheat System is strong and trusted,giving to Advertiser the sure that your Ads will be showed correctly.

GPT Video

DailyMotion Ready earn when you watch videos. Different Points rates per different countries, Restrictions, Anti-Cheat System..

FREE Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange is a FREE way to get cheap and massive traffic: Anonymous/Direct traffic types. Subpages support. Autosurf link available, Stats & graphs.

Earn with Facebook*

Advertise your fanpages & get likes. All made automatic, instant crediting. Available filters: age, friends, etc. "Earn with one click".

MLM up to 5 levels

Indirect Referrals system: get XRPs passively our Premium Membership is charged yearly and give to you a passive commissions up to 5 levels.


Famobi.com provides games with one click.Time to get some FUN.

Multi Language Support

Many languages supported. English, Polish, German, Spanish, Russian & Indonesian,Portuguese are ready. Easily translate images & texts.


Free method to claim prizes everyday,instant and fast earn up to 5 XRP daily.

Ads Edit

Edit your ads you anytime. Available for Traffic Exchange and AdPacks ads. See title, time and basic details of each Adpack purchased.


Get 100% of commissions on referrals clicks,it's a huge opportunity to get Free Ripple.

Premium Support

Solve your doubts fast,you are free to get informed and we are ready to fix your issues.


Payment Proofs

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Ripple Exchanges and Payments Options

Here are the ways to exchange your Ripple (XRP) or buy your coins,
Payments are made through CoinPayments MultiWallet!


Our Client Testimonials

Our Price

Our ADPACKS prices are affordable to help all Digital Entrepreneur Achieve Success in theirs Online Businesses!
No Monthly Membership Needed to start Promote your Business with ADPACKS

  • Mini-AdPacks

    5 XRPs
    • 100 Traffic Credits
    • 50 125x125 Banners Impressions
    • 50 468x60 Banners Impressions
    • 100 Packs Max.
    • Up to 3% daily*
    • 120% ROI**
  • Adpack Plan 1

    10 XRPs
    • 200 Traffic Credits
    • 200 125x125 Banners Impressions
    • 200 468x60 Banners Impressions
    • 100 Packs Max.
    • Up to 3% Daily*
    • 120% ROI**
  • Adpack Plan 2

    25 XRPs
    • 500 Traffic Credits
    • 500 125x125 Banners Impressions
    • 500 468x60 Banners Impressions
    • 100 Packs Max.
    • Up to 3% Daily*
    • 120% ROI**
  • Adpack Plan 3

    50 XRPs
    • 1000 Traffic Credits
    • 1000 468x60 Banners Impressions
    • 1000 125x125 Banners Impressions
    • 100 Packs Max.
    • Up to 3% Daily*
    • 120% ROI**

* Daily CAP Based in sales in previous day.
** ROI is estimed in the end of each PACK.
All Adpack earnings are distribued of the total SALES in the Whole Platform; The aren't garantee that you'll earn the same,working with ethic and seriety you can earn equal or
even more through our Referral Program and our 5 Levels Deep Commissions.
There aren't monthly membership to start buy your ADPACKS;
Premium Yearly Upgrade is Optional!

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