Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is is an Online Advertising Platform based in Ripple that sell traffic packages

to Online Entrepreneurs that want expose theirs websites and have a and an intention of increase your

commissions in theirs Primary Business and not a Clicking Ads to get rich scheme.

2-How much can I earn in ? 

You can earn with many seccions such as Cashlink Ads,Offerwalls,Videos,CPA,GPT and referring other members to join under your referral link and grab commissions in new purchases made by them.

see UPGRADE tab.

3- What is POINTS and how collect them?

POINTS are a virtual currency in the there are many ways to grab POINTS just for completing surveys,tasks,apps and watching Dailymotion Videos and referring others members.

4-What is the POINTS worth?

1000 points is equal 1 Ripple Coins (not fixed) and it can be changed accordigly to coin flutuation.

5- What is the difference between Standard and Premium Members?

Standard are those members that no bought the Premium Membership (billed yearly) and have the commissions reduced.

And the Premium Members reach commissions up to 5 Levels with many ways,see UPGRADE tab.

6- How much Adpack can I buy at once?

For help the stabilty of platform you can buy 10 adpacks per day ant max. and you should start accordigly the levels!

7- How can I be suspended(ban)?

Your account can be suspended(banned) if you don't follow the rules in T&S such as:

a- Use the same IP address to login(you+your referral);

b- Use the same Ripple Address(you+your referral);

c- Use more than 1 account per household;

d-Use the same FB account (you+your referral);

8-How does CPA/GPT works ?

Every advertiser sent a task to be performed and the members needs submit all requirements to receive the rewards,once

completed and reviewed the rewards are released instantly!

PS: Follow the rules and when registered in any website check spam/junk folder to receive the confirmation link e-mail after it submit!

9- How does Facebook Likes works?

Connect your account with Facebook go to>>Settings>>Authentication and connect correctly after it,go to Like seccion and perfom the honest Likes! 

Every member can advertise your Social Pages in this area also!

10- What is Traffic Balance can I transfer to Main Balance? 

Traffic Balance is used just used to advertise in Traffic Exchange Area 

no way to transfer to Main.

12-What is Main Balance?

Main Balance is the XRPs available to cashout.

11-How change Captcha way Settings?

For change the captcha just go to "settings" and choose "Titan" and save.

12-What is Purchase Balance?

Purchase Balance is used to make all advertising purchases in the Platform.

No way to transfer to Main Balance

13-What is Commission Balance?

Commission Balance is all commissions earned by you from your referrals.

you can transfer to Main Balance anytime.

14-What is Coinhive Claim?

COinhive claim is an external web broser mining,difficulties are calculed by Coinhive,once you

completed the claim your rewards will be released.

15-What is a 40% Repurchase Rule?

Repurchase rule is a re-commitment that you keep buying new Adpacks and progressing in your account.

All Adpack revenues are calculated likes 80% to Main Balance and 40% to Purchase Balance

16-Can I withdraw my total amount purchased+profits at the end of 60 days?

No,you must request payouts periodically(see limits in upgrade tab)until reach the value of your purchases+revenue sharing profits.

17-How long takes to get my cashout processed?

You can check this limits and time frame in the Upgrade Tab,usually it take up to 72 Business hours to be processed,after request;

We don't process payments in SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS (it is optional);

18- How can I process my cashout?

You can request you cashout any time,but please note the time frame between cashouts and your member condition in the Upgrade tab.

17-How do I  request a new PIN?

Have request a new one in the Login Page link "FORGOT PASSWORD/PIN" and all details will be sent to you e-mail;