Important Updates 6/6/2018 6:46:31 AM

Greetings Entrepreneurs Cleiton Maronni here;

We got some News!

Firstly thank you for to be a valuable member of TrafficAdblast!

Thinking in the progress and in the new features that will be added soon...

We are applying a Repurchase Rule of 40% in Platform today!

Was hard to take this decision you can bet it,with sure...

But I think that it won't be a problem to majority members

With new features coming soon,you be able to get even more commissions
and for those that Upgraded your Account the possibility is 5 times easier.

Of course every friend need make your part;
Show the plan and build your business!

My Team is working 24/7 since we started our operations.

and I'm sure of make a good job,working with honesty and
thinking in everyone also!

We saw too many Platform closing because didn't adjust the Business Model
accordingly of Market Demand,and it happen in all Companies 
that want grow and keep the progress(Exxon,AT&T,Apple,Walmart,VISA,even Cryptos etc...)
without adjust they die,please understand!

And the kickstart is:

We adding A Mini Adpack (5 XRPs) to give the chance of everyone get traffic,
sales and commissions in your websites;
With a limit of 100 Packs each;

We are adding a new earning area called "Likes" where friends
earn points liking Facebook Fan Pages.
Entrepreneurs can advertise your Fan Pages also,
getting popularity and a better Business distribution
in social Media Pages!

We are here to stay,with sure and ready to Help!

We are an Advertising Platform and Commissions Generation
Invite,build your Business and let's stay together!

We are thinking in the Future not in the Moment!


Cleiton Maronni
TrafficAdBlast Head of Staff Members!